My name's Jess!!! and uh !
I like many things !!!! : Merlin, Pikachu, pokemon in general, LoZ, Animal Crossing, Doctor Who, SPN, Elementary, Teen Wolf, uhh Parks and Rec, some anime, Sherlock Holmes and his many variations, uhhh ANIMATING! DEFINITELY. GHIBLI. ART. COOKIES. FOOD IN GENERAL, AND MOOSE.
U vU <3 <3
min freondum ond min feondum
My piece for the Merlin Art Fest!!! I&#8217;d forgotten that I&#8217;d done this!!!!
here&#8217;s the original post!!: (x) AAAhh

My piece for the Merlin Art Fest!!! I’d forgotten that I’d done this!!!!

here’s the original post!!: (x) AAAhh

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